Rob Forster

Rob Forster is one of the top 3 earners in Kleeneze, one of the UK' s home shopping giants specialising in work from home opportunities. Over the last 20 years he along with his team have built up a business that has turned over in excess of a massive £150 Million. He is the only distributor to win the prestigious "Kleeneze Distributor of the year" title for 2 consecutive years 2001 & 2002.


During the 20 years he has developed and fine tuned a simple but duplicatable system for the team to follow, based on simplicity, duplication and support, anyone who plugs into the system, dedicates commitment, time and effort cannot fail to earn money.


This website has been designed to enable people in Rob Forster's team to have easy access to information to help them build their business to level that can give them a fabulous lifestyle and an unlimited income that could change their lives.




It is our choices that determine who we are, far more than our abilities. - J.K. Rowling

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