Retail & Sponsoring

Below are samples of essential paperwork for you to get your business up
and running and start building a good customer relationship.

Treat your customers like gold, without them you will not retail product. and REMEBER
"if you don't look after your customers someone else will"

To view the files click on the links, change the details as required
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Retail tools


Day Slips

- Put in the front of your catalogues, let your customers know when you will call back. Change the times to suit but make sure you go back when you say.

Sorry I Missed You

pop one through the letterbox when there is no one in and the catalogue is not outside. Others are available from Kleeneze on code 002062.

Thanks for your order

- let your customer know when you will be delivering their goods. Using this type of slip saves time, you will find that customers are waiting for you often with the money in their hands

Online Catalogue Slip

Drop these through the customers door when your book has NOT been looked at. some people may not have had time to look but may need something ordering

£10 product voucher

Give your customers a reason to open the catalogues, hide a couple of vouchers inside your books, once customers see the advertising label they will look inside hoping to find a voucher.

£5 off for 5 Leads

Simple way to get leads, ask your customers to give you 5 names and addresses of people they know who may be interested in joining and you will give them £5 off their order. just print off the slips and put them in bag with your catalogues

Party Plan

Kleeneze does not have to be just books through letterboxes, anyone can run it on a party plan basis, either with the Kleeneze products or Cabouchon jewellery, The notes below give you full details of how to arrange your party

Spread the cost of Xmas

Let your customers order goods to be delivered when they like, after pay day, weekly or fortnightly. All you need to do is order the goods in time for delivery.

Dayglo Labels

labels on products (to reorder call...) outgoing mail (Extra Income?), info packs (as requested) etc will get people to notice them. MGN are very cheap, fast & reliable.
Use the link to MGN website to order your labels - get yourself noticed
MGN Labels Website
View sample orderform

Retail Profit Chart

See what a difference moving to the next bonus level makes to your income
Retail earnings calculator

Average earnings - letterboxing (blanketing)

Work out approx how many catalogues per week you need to drop to earn your desired income
catalogue calculator

Proven Presenting script

A script developed for agents to use when presenting catalogues to customers
Presenting catalogues script

Bonus Level chart

Find out where the next bonus level is in £'s and Points
Kleeneze Bonus Levels

Ezecook Flyer

use in your catalogues to promote the Ezecook cook book and DVD
Kleeneze Ezecook Flyer
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Sponsoring Tools


Info Pack

Right is a copy of our team info pack, make sure all leads get a hard copy through the post, they may not be interested but someone visiting that house could pick it up and join
Click to view info pack

Info Pack Sheet

When you buy the info packs they come complete with the insert, you can also add your testimonial to make it a little more personal.
Info Pack Insert

Bullet Point Sheet

Adapt these bullet point to suit your business then put them in an information pack and send them to old leads, people who were sat on the fence, couldnt get in touch with, warm market etc, you never know who might just be interested.
Info Pack Insert

Cards & Flyers

are available from different sources, (ask your upline), you can also use BidsWebShop here are samples of flyers, they all work, no flyer is better than another, if someone wants to join they will do no matter what the flyer says.
Samples of cards & flyers

Tony Blair Letter

This is a copy of the letter from Tony Blair to the Direct selling association supporting our business, Worth putting it in your presenter.
Tony Blair Letter

Kleeneze Rewards

Kleeneze gave away 11 cars in Jan 06, here is the page from the Enterprize magazine
Company Conference 2006

Top Tips

Top 10 tips to help you with all aspects of your business
Top 10 Tips

Circle of success

Use this to identify your strengths & weaknesses. using a scale of 1 - 10 (1 in the center) estimate where you think you are on each of the categories. Once you completed the Circle you can discuss with your upline how you can increase the weaker categories.
Circle Of Sucess

Memory Jogger

Used to jog your memory when compiling your warm market list, you will be amazed how many people's names come to mind as you read through it
View Memory Jogger

Ed Ludbrook - Kleeneze and the Shakeout!

Article on how Kleeneze will sustain massive growth over the next few years (12mb file)
Click to download
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System Tools


51 Points to Gold

Print off the 51 points sheets, mark the points you are doing & highlight the points you are not doing, work on as many as possible, if you have any questions talk to your sponsor (upline)

Duplicatable System

You must use a system that is duplicatable throughout your team, these notes will point you in the right direction. We have a proven system in place, so no need to re-invent the wheel!!

The "Pits"

It is important to understand what happens to distributors during the first few weeks / months. This sheet should help you notice and address the issue.
The PITS sheet


The "anyway" verse says it all, print it out and put it where you can read it everyday.
It sums up people and life in general.
The Anyway Verse


The quote on this photo says everything
Just read the quote
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