These are the stories that sell Kleeneze, real people making real money and sharing their story with others.


When you first get started with your Kleeneze business these testimonials will help you when you are talking to friends, relatives, workmates or people in general. They prove that Kleeneze works although some people will still be skeptical even when they see the proof.


On the links on the left you can jump to different sections of the page or just scroll down where you will find Testimonials, audio recordings from the Interactive Training System (I.T.S) copies of distributors income cheques, newspaper articles and You tube videos.



You really need to download these articles, print them off and put them in a presenter to show your prospects, family or virtually anyone who you think may be interested in joining.


Presenters (Display book) are available at stationary shop, Asda, Tesco etc. they cost around £1.90 each and usually made of a stiff coloured plastic folder with clear plastic display wallets inside to put your printed sheets, they usually hold 20, 40 or 100 sheets.


Always keep your presenter up to date, keep calling back to these pages to check for any new or updated testimonials.


If you have a testimonial you would like to be added to the site please email them to us, preferably in MS Word format.


Robs Articles

Over the years Rob has been featured in the Sheffield Star, and in other magazines, below are the articles ready for you to print off and put in your presenter.


You can also print off copies of his cheques showing progression throughout his 15 years in the business.


 Sheffield Star
  English version (original copy under newspaper articles below)
Sheffield Star
  Translated into German
Some of Robs achievements
  Things you can achieve with Kleeneze !!
(more photos on Robs Dream Page)
Robs Cheques
Cheques from 5, 8 & 12 years
Robs Cheques
6 Cheques from 3 - years
Robs Cheques
£87K earnings in 3 months!!
Robs Cheque
£23K chq period 12 2013
Enterprise Mag Sept 1993
Front cover and bulk sales figures for Sept 1993, the month Rob started Kleenze, Rob is not on here but Gavin Scott is turning over 130,000. now Rob turns over £1million per month and Gavin £3.5 million!!
Distributors of the year 2001 & 2002
  Front covers from the Kleeneze "Enterprize" magazine
Money Maker
Front page cover - full colour
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Team Testimonials

It is important to get your own story as soon as possible, all you need to do is retail over £764 in a period and Kleeneze will send you a "certifcate of income" and a cheque to show your earnings. Once you have got that you can put together a testimonial to show people how YOU have made extra income with Kleeneze, the bigger the cheque the better the story, a constant increase in cheques, month on month is a fantastic story.


Below are other distributors testimoinals that you can use as required, try and relate they to your prospects circumstances or proffession i.e. if you are talking to a teacher you can show them Lauren Jackson's story. Accountant - Jay Singh etc. etc.


Keep checking back to get new or updated testimonials and remember to EMAIL your testimonial to us, it could help someone make up their mind about joining.


Paul Tonkin
£3000+ chq from retail
Paul Tonkin
5 Chqs £1900+ after moving house
John & Wendy English
  £6000+ testimonial & Chq
Peter & Claire Rea
  Free BMW and £7900 Chq
Peter & Claire Rea
Testimonial £8900 Chq in 7 years
Peter & Claire Rea
Progression Cheques
Peter & Claire Rea
Period 11 2007 - £8600 Chq
Peter & Claire Rea
Period 12 2012 - £7700 Chq + Press article
Heather & James O'Niel
Early Cheques
Heather & James O'Niel
Cheques at Bronze Executive level
Heather & James O'Niel
Testimonial & £6700 Chq
Gary & Esther Watson
  Ex Factory worker - £9000 Chq
Gary & Esther Watson
Pay Chq & Kleeneze chq
Dave & Anne Pemberton-Smith
  Postman & Pub Manager & £8900 Chq
Dave Notman
23 years old & £2400 Chq
Pat & Helen Loftus
  Ex AA Patrol & Nurse & £1800 Chq
Helen & Paul Allgood
Mum & Ex Milkman - £3900 Chq
Craig & Magdelina White
5 years to £7000 per month!!
Jay Singh
Ex Accountant - 3 Cheques £3k+
Jerome & Nicky Neville
Full time Fire service with £2200 chq
Peter & Jackie White
Testimonial & Villas
Peter & Jackie White
3 Cheques
Peter & Jackie White
£20k chq Period 12 2013
Peter & Myrna Wellock
Ex Police & Researcher - £4700 Chq
Rea - Laing - Marsden
3 Chq's - 3 different stories
Shane & Janet Hartley
Engineer & Midwife - £1200 Chq's
Sue & Geoff Burras
Mum & Merchant Navy - £4000+ Chq's
Sue & Geoff Burras
£4400 Chq still part time!!
Sue & Geoff Burras
£5000 Chq
Ian & Pauline Pilkington
Admin & Ex AA Patrol - £1100 Chq
Harvey Kent
£372 - £2003 jump in 2 months !!
Sue Phoenix
Teacher & Single mum - testimonial
Sue Phoenix
3 Chq's £399 - £1399
Sue Phoenix
£500 increase in a month!!
Tracy & Dave Sheehan
£2400 Chq & testimonial
Tracy & Dave Sheehan
3 Chq's over £2000
Tracy & Dave Sheehan
  £3500 chq & new house
Margaret & Roy Copley
£227 in first 4 weeks both semi retired & registered disabled
John Greenwood
Aged 74, Retired & £850 Chq
Sharon Bullock
Gold Dist - £1000 Chq
John & Jeanette Hawkes
  Age 73 and earns £150,000+ a year - What a pension
John & Jeanette Hawkes
Cheque period 3 2008 - £12,667
Tracy Panting
First 3 chqs in business £464+
Dave Birtwistle & Angie Tonkin
£2538 Chq, EX Navy Chef & Run Family Pub
Jun Li
Personaly retailed £9309 PART TIME!!
Malcolm & Jennifer Warden
£1800 Cheque computor programmer & Child Minder
Malcolm & Jennifer Warden
2 consecutive chqs
Stuart Chitty
18 years Old earned £468 in first 4 weeks on his bike!
3 first month Chqs
All aged under 21 and starting earning over £200
Steve Bond & Sue Blunt
New Gold Distributors with a £1600 Chq
Anndrena Benjamin
Single mum, ex doctors receptionist £263 chq
Kelly Shearer
£219 chq first period
Dean & Samantha
University students £225 to £2001 chq
Graham & Simon
£459 Chq, part time, security industry & Tesco
Thomas Curtis
Bus Driver, NO CAR £285 chq
John & Janice Halsall
Ex Company Director & Office admin £3100 Chq
Gary & Sylvia Green
Manager & Childminder £1600 Chq
Peter & Myrna Wellock
Article about them winning a Mini
Chris Spike & Clare Sillet
Landscap gardener & E.D. Receptionist £255 Chq
Tracey Payne & Harvey Kent
Ex DHL supervisor, 4 Children £4000 chq
Sophie Bishop
Student earning £649 in first 4 weeks!!
Gavin Scott
£43K chq from Enterprize mag
Wendy Vickers
£2600 chq single mum
Ingrid Brown & Steve Marzillius
  £739 chq building their Business around 5 Kids
David & Jane Mousley
Police Officer & Legal Cashier £4300+
Daniel Davies
24 years old £2700+ Chq!!
Matt & Vicki Gill
£241 Chq have own mortgage business
Sarah Faint
£241 First month in Kleeneze
Holly & Anthony
  £216 to £1400 jump in one month!!
Sandy Grey
£1018 in her first month!!
Joanne Skinner
£281 to £2597 in 5 months!!
Chris & Sally Cresswell
£400 to £1000 in 3 months part time!!
Daniel Davies
24 year old retailed £8k and earned £3000
Don & Karen
Both Profoundly deaf and earned £890
Paul & Karen Dean
Gold in 3 MONTHS - £1900 chq
Alan & Katy Threlfall
£1100 chq, 3 young kids, ex teacher & Administrator
Neil & Karen Young
£6390 chq,
Abigail Colclough
£3300 chq,
Kev Rider
£2200 chq, Ex Driving Instructor
Dave & Rebecca Smith
£1700 chq, Ex Wheel Technician and Senior Carer
Emma Kyffin
£200+ chq, Solicitor with 2 children
Mel & Glen Tyler
£1500+ chq, New Gold Distributors
Abby Allgood
  £1700+ chq, aged 19 new Gold Distributor
Claire & Karen Holgate
£599 chq Mother & Daughter
Astrid Blewitt
£455 chq
Lindsey Kelly
£737 chq Single Mum
Caroline Berry
£1473 chq Ex Care & Support worker
Mark & Karen Smith
£538 P / T Dance School owner and Bank Worker
Simon & Alison Patmore
£300 - £2000+ in 90 days ex teacher
Julie Putter
£225 first cheque
Paul & Tina Gordon
£1000+ Ex Brewery manager & Cust Services team leader
Richard & Tracey Ford
£304 Cheque
Luke & Neil Newman
£219 Cheque
Adam & Tracey Rennison
£1400 cheque, from break free to Gold
Stuart & Robyn Heard
£7000+ Chq 47 active wide!!! Testimonial
Stuart & Robyn Heard
Photo and 2 cheques
Alison & Paul Taylor
£1500 chq, 3 months to gold
Neil Cochrane
£400 cheque ex college lecturer
Sohail Ahmed
£3600 chq started with out a car
Sohail Ahmed
£5000 chq personally retailed over £14000 in 4 weeks
Paul Tonkin & Joanne Heeraman
  Sept 2013 Chq - £4000+
Sam & Phil Smith
£300 Chq first 4 weeks Ex Amway!!
Jack Tyler
£400 Chq 18 year old
Paul & Tina Gorden
£1100 Chq Ex Cust Serv Team Leader & Brewery Manager
Richard & Tracey Ford
£222 Part Time around 2 kids
Anne Peace
£235 Part Time Funeral Service Advisor
Jenny & Rob Clarke
£306 in first 4 weeks
Westley Johnson
£282 2 progressive chqs
Matthew Moralee & Vicky Perkins
£248 in first 4 weeks
Tibor Ipolyi
  £560 chq on a Bicycle
Mike & Jean Day
£8500 chq Pensioners on £100k per year!!!
Beckii Gothard
£212 first cheque part time phlebotomist
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The following are Audio recordings taken from the Interactive Training System (I.T.S) or from the Distributor support area of the Kleeneze website.


They can be used for reference or to let your prospects hear what Kleeneze people have said about this fantastic business.


We now use the Ezereach system supplied by Kleeneze, all distributors are given a 3 month free trial of the system when they join. Ezereach is a vital tool for your business, listen to it daily or at least twice a day if you are advertising. If you have any problems using it ask your sponsor for assistance.



(Right Click & "save Target as")
  Conference call with Gavin Scott.
  MY STORY- Taken from an ITS message to Gavin Scott
  GIVE IT TIME - Another ITS message to Gavin
  IT WORKS!! if you work
  A Voicemail to NEW PEOPLE in the team
  Tracy Sheehan - testimonial from the Kleeneze Phuket Conference 2008
  Ali Thomas - Testimonial to Gavin
  Louise Puttick - Testimonial
  Heather O'Neil her lifestyle through Kleeneze
  Wendy Bailey - Testimonial from a former lecturer
  Petrova Fairhurst - voicemail about benefits
  Dawn Fitzgerald - Ex Betterware & Avon
  George Steer - 2nd time in Kleeneze - this time with ITS
  Tracy Foster won £2.4m on lotto and still does Kleeneze
  Pat - message about pensions, will YOU get one? will it be enough to live on?
  Geoff Bell why we MUST go back for the stragglers
  Saving with Sportsassist insurance
  Ken Logan never pre judge people's disability
  Peter Rea - Just listen to what the top earner and 1st Premier Distributor in Robs team has to say about the Success Seminars
  Paul Tonkin - Conference call to Gavin Scott, find out how Paul retails £7000+ per period
  John McNally - How to promote your online shop via facebook
  Jean Warrington - Radio interview - life begins at 50
  Radio Tees interview. with Distributors & DSA
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Newspaper Articles

The articles below have all been published in newspapers or magazines over the years, they are all powerful stories and add vast amounts of credit to Kleeneze and it's distributors.


All the articles have been "adapted" to fit on A4 paper to enable them to be printed off and used in your presenter. Get to know the articles then you can relate to them and show your prospects. If you cannot remember the full story then remember the main parts and find the article while you are telling people about the bullet points


If you have any press cuttings that could be used please EMAIL them to us, they could help someone make up their mind about joining.


    Original from the Sheffield Star
    From "The Sun" City Supplement
    From "The Times"
    From the "Mirror"
    Local newspaper Article
    The Journal
    The Evening Chronicle
    Streetwise Business
    Sunday Post
    Driffield Times
    Daily Record
    Telegraph & News
    Surrey Advertiser
    Evening Post
    Woman Magazine
    Daily Mirror
    Woman's own
    Daily Express
    Sunday Express
    Daily Mirror
    From The Kleeneze EWB
    From The Sun 12 Aug 2008
    From Daily Mail - 16 August 2008
    Stating the increase in turnover during December '08
    Sunday times - 3 May 2009
    The Sun - Aug 6 2009
    Lancashire Telegraph Nov 26th 2009
    Express & Star, 1 march 2010 Cape Town qualifiers
    Why choose Network Marketing?
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Searching "You Tube" for kleenezegavinscott will bring up Gavins page and index of the videos he has made and uploaded on several aspects of the Kleeneze business, catalogues, products, conferences etc. have a look at his site and watch a view videos.


Gavin, made 2 videos while visiting Rob at his home in 2008, these can be viewed below


    from Blacksmith to millionaire through Kleeneze
    around the outside of the house.
just added   Talk from Kleeneze live Warwick 2011
just added   Jamie Stewart talks to Darren Hardy about Kleeneze


Another site on the internet is www.simpletruths.com
a site full of motivational and inspirational videos, you can sign up to their newsletters
and find out when new videos and books are released.


An excellent one that is worth watching is
click on the link to watch the video.

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If you cannot find what you are looking for try Gavin Scott's Website

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    Aim to send out 50 information packs per week.


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Remember :

    Try and learn the stories of successful people in Kleeneze, their profession and approximate earnings. This will help you when you are talking to people about the business and can relate the person to a successful distributor from a similar background.


Interactive Training System (Ezereach) is a voicemail system distributors subscribe to. Helpful tips and stories are posted daily to help you boost your business. As well as the training system the ITS is a professional answering service for your advertising phone number.
Prospects are any people who may be interested in joining your business